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Sports nutrition women...a winning combination. The impact of this information
can make a difference if:

  • you are training for an endurance event such as a marathon, 5K, charity walk or sprint-triathlon (learn how to fuel and hydrate before, during and after an event);
  • you work out on a regular basis for your personal fitness and health goals (learn how to choose snacks);
  • you desire lifetime fitness, including strong bones, a healthy heart, vibrant energy, and a kickin' metabolism; and
  • you believe nutrition is important, but you’re not sure what to do on an everyday basis.

  • Dietitian Jan Dowell, MS, MHS, RD, CSSD, is your sports nutrition women resource for nutrition strategies that use can use everyday to meet your training and fitness goals.

    Nutrition Coaching for Marathon Training or Everyday Fitness. Click on the Nutrition Coaching link on the left for details about working with Jan.

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    marathon training nutrition welcome
    Marathon training nutrition welcome page
    nutrition coaching
    Nutrition Coaching: Jan Dowell can help you meet your sports nutrition women goals.
    Running Lite
    CARA's Running Lite program for weight loss through running and healthy nutrition changes.
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    E-mail everyday sports nutrition women to give feedback or request information.
    About This Sports Nutrition for Women Site
    Read about Jan Dowell, MS, MHS, RDN, CSSD Sports Dietitian
    Jan's Presentation Topics
    Need a speaker for a nutrition presentation?
    Sports Nutrition Calculators
    Sports nutrition calculators for bmi, calories burned, calorie needs.
    Sports Nutrition Snacks
    Ideas for sports nutrition snacks categorized by carb, protein, and salty snacks.
    Calorie counter
    As a sports nutrition for women calorie counter, a calorie is another name for fuel or energy in food.
    Metabolism and Your Sports Nutrition Plan
    Metabolism is impacted by your nutrition and fitness level.
    Sports Nutrition Fuel
    Sports nutrition training with the right fuel at the right time can impact your sports performance.
    Sports nutrition supplements can make a difference everyday.
    Setting Sports Nutrition Goals
    Sports nutrition goals and guidelines for competition, training, and lifetime fitness.
    eat green
    Eat green, including organic and sustainable choices, for your body and the environment
    Whole Foods in Sports Nutrition
    The power of whole foods in everyday sports nutrition women.
    Food Guides in Sports Nutrition
    What are the food guides useful in sports nutrition?
    everyday-sports-nutrition for Women
    Everyday-sports-nutrition for women considers daily needs beyond training.
    Sports Nutrition Resources
    Sports nutrition resources include Registered Dietitians and links.
    activity calculator
    An activity calculator using weight and minutes to estimate calories burned.
    Are calories in your sports nutrition goals?
    Calories matter in sports nutrition for women. Here are 7 tips that can impact your sports nutrition success everyday!
    Marathon Training Nutrition Calories
    Marathon training nutrition calories needed can be tested with equipment or formulas.
    Everyday Sports Nutrition Blog
    Everyday Sports Nutrition--news you can use everyday to begin or advance your health and fitness level!
    Go Red for Women
    Go Red for Women reminds us to be heart healthy with food and fitness choices.
    Sports Nutrition Question: Be Thankful for Gu and Gravy?
    Sports Nutrition Question: Be Thankful for Gu and Gravy?
    Everyday Healthy Protein Choices
    Choose healthy protein in your sports nutrition plan.
    calcium sources
    Calcium sources for everyday sports nutrition, supplements, recommendations.
    Banana Bread French Toast Recipe
    Try a Banana Bread french toast recipe for a good post-run breakfast or brunch!
    Nutrition Bar Recipe
    Save a little money and know what you're fueling your body with this nutrition bar recipe!
    Cranberry-Walnut Muesli Recipe
    Need a new breakfast recipe?
    Lemon Dill Tuna Salad Recipe
    Need a quick lunch recipe?
    Black Bean Salsa Recipe
    Want a fun Salsa recipe incorporating black beans?
    Hummus Dip Recipe
    Look for a hummus recipe to incorporate into your sports nutrition plan?
    Sports Nutrition Recipes
    What are some ideas of recipes to incorporate into my sports nutriiton plan?
    Spinach and Feta Wrap Recipe
    This recipe is a great way to get a vegetable like spinach in at breakfast!
    Mini Spinach Florentine Cup Recipe
    This recipe is a great low-carb snack that even includes spinach!
    Chocolate Bran Muffin Recipe
    This recipe is a great way to boost your fiber through the bran at breakfast!
    Jan's Presentation Topics for Adults & Women
    See Jan's available nutrition presentation topics for adults!
    Nutrition Presentations for Kids & Teens
    Need a speaker for Nutrition Presentations geared towards a younger population?
    Sports Nutrition Presentation Topics
    Need a speaker for a Sports Nutrition Presentation?
    Fit Facts
    Use ACE's fit facts to help you make wise decisions in your sports nutrition plan.
    Search for sports nutrition for women information.
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