Training Tips for Hydration

As the weather warms up you need to pay more attention to hydration. Here are new ideas to consider:

Container Caution
Bacteria love heat and humidity, so be sure to clean your reusable bottles with hot, soapy water after every use. (Just imagine those nasty germs lurking in the holder on the treadmill or bike). Send your bottled water and sports drink containers to the recylcing bin. Usually the openings are too small to be able to get the insides clean enough.

Keep It Cool
It is more likely that you'll drink more of a liquid if it is at a cool temperature (rather than room temperature). Place your bottled water or sports drink in the freezer ahead of time so it will be perfectly cool after a few miles on the road. Check out the new ice cube trays--they make cubes that will fit into your bottle. The only disadvantage is diluting your sports drink, but that can be fixed with using more mix.

Scope Out Your Route
There may be water fountains on your route, but make sure they work (some parks turn water off in the cooler seasons) and are clean enough for humans! I've seen plenty of dog owners letting Fluffy take a drink at the park's fountain. Hydration can be dangerous, so if you're in doubt there will be water on the route, then you must carry fluids with you. There are different types of "fuel belts" available at sporting goods stores.

Flavor Favorites
If you are training for an endurance event where you'll be drinking sports drinks at the fluid stations, find out the flavor/brand that will be served. Typically lemon-lime is the default flavor. You want to make sure you tolerate that flavor and brand, so try it enough times during your training.

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