Go Red for Women!

Celebrate heart health in February. Every woman needs to know about her risk for heart disease, regardless of her fitness level. Check out my thoughts on the website under Jan's Blogs, then look for Go Red for Women.

The blog is an easy way to get all my website updates since they are sent to you the minute the site it updated. Look at the upper left-hand corner of my home page for info on blogs. Of course, you can patiently wait for updates with the e-zine. I'll keep both going.

New Info on the Website

Most of us workout to keep our waistlines and below from expanding. For this website, though, expansion is a good thing! I have added a ton of new information on carbs, hydration and nutrient timing. I have also made it easy to order some of my favorite products and books in "Jan's Store". No pressure...just convenience! Let me know if you have a favorite with which you've had success. I've also added some pictures. Let me know if you like them or would like your picture included (for free, of course).

Stay warm...keep moving!

Everyday in 2007 is your opportunity to succeed!