The Art of Marathon Training Nutrition: Tip #4

It’s time to get into the art of marathon training nutrition!

"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." La Rochefoucauld

Everyone eats everyday, but you’re not like everyone else anymore…you’re training for a marathon!

  • I don’t like some art, maybe because the art makes no sense to me. Is that how you feel about nutrition? Well, don’t worry about understanding every detail about how nutrition works, such as why you need a certain amount or certain types of carbohydrates . Just like you may have to “take in” some art and let it speak to you in time, you may need to take in the carbs and see what happens. You’ll find there are carbs that help you hit your training target, and others that have taken you off course (literally).

  • Just as there are many types of art, there are many types of carbohydrate for many different reasons. Just think of Monet who painted lots of lilies in the water garden…all with similarities…all with differences. I don’t have to understand why he did that, but I can still enjoy the end result.

  • Some art inspires me. Some copies of that art are displayed in my home. I chose the art. If you have a good experience with a carb choice before, during or after a run, add more of that carb to your collection (cabinets, fridge, gym bag). If a carb inspires you, choose it!

  • Some art is expensive. The art of marathon nutrition training doesn’t have to be. There is the upfront cost of learning about intelligent eating. Take time to read through the nutrition tips throughout the everyday-sports-nutiriton-for-women website and set some start-up goals related to the art of marathon training nutrition . Talk to other marathoners about what foods have helped or hindered their training. Read about marathon nutrition training . Most aspects of marathon nutrition training involve common sense foods eaten everyday that are on sale at your local food market. Spend your money on quality nutrition…foods that do something for you!

    It’s time to getting into the art of marathon training nutrition!

    Today's everyday sports nutrition for marathon training tip #4:
    Hang a blank piece of paper on your fridge or bulletin board, or start a new page in your online journal. Make two columns, one for carbs that worked (it gave me lasting energy, my stomach tolerated it well, I liked the taste of it, it was convenient); the other column for carbs that didn’t work (it gave me quick energy followed by a terrible crash, it sat like a rock in my stomach or ran right through me, it tasted terrible, it was pain to find and fix). This list will help you plan your meals and snacks over the next few weeks.

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