Calorie Supplements in Your Sports Nutrition Plan

Calorie supplements used in a sports nutrition plan are usually in the form of meal-replacement bars and shakes.

  • Who needs a calorie-based supplement?

  • This type of supplement may be useful for a woman whose activity level (and calorie level) is so high that she cannot maintain her weight with the necessary volume of food. Supplements are also convenient during travel or in multiple-day events.

  • What should I look for in a meal-replacement bar or shake?

  • Choose a nutrition bar or shake that complements your food intake. Are you short calories, but not protein, or vice versa? Slimfast, for example, has varieties that vary in carbohydrate and protein levels. If you make your own meal replacement shake, you can blend items that best meet your own nutrition goals.

    Look for some nutrition within the product, rather than just pure fat or sugar. A shake provides fluids you may need, but there is too much sugar and fiber in most of these products to be used for hydration alone. Also, do not use meal replacements as a total diet. Eat food everyday!

  • What else can I do to gain weight, or to stop losing weight?
  • Learn more about storing calories in your sports nutrition plan.

    Calorie supplements may differ from protein supplements.