Carbohydrate Supplements
in Your Sports Nutrition Plan

Carbohydrate supplements are used to provide energy and are useful before, during and after a training session or performance. As a general rule, the body can only process about 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour (1 gm/kg), so there is no point in eating more carbs within that timeframe. Most carb supplements are designed with this in mind.
>br> Carbohydrate supplements come in the form of sports drinks, gels, sports beans, "blocks" and nutrition bars.

Get the scoop on sports drinks.

Go for a variety of gels, sports beans and "blocks".

Fill your tank with healthy nutrition bars.

Carbohydrate supplements make it easier to meet your sports nutrition goals during training and competition, but don't forget about the carbohydrates found in everyday whole foods. Now might be a good time to review the carb content of a variety of foods.

Compare carbohydrate supplements to calorie supplements.
Compare carbohydrate supplements to protein supplements.