Eat Green for Your Body
and Your Environment

Eat Green? Kermit said "It isn't easy being green," but with a little effort up front it can be done! Eating green can include organic foods, eating local and seasonal foods, and making careful choices from each food group. Your body and your environment will love you for it!

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Here are some links to learn more about sustainable "green" eating.

Buy Locally Produced Food
South Suburban (Chicago) Food Co-op
Local Harvest
Family Farmed
Illinois Farm Direct
Sustainable Table
Sky Full of Bacon Podcast

Eat Less Meat and Healthier Meat Choices
Eat Wild
Meatless Monday
Cool Food Campaign
Seafood Watch (sustainable and mercury)

Choose Milk without rBGH
Sustainable Table

Choose Healthy Fruits and Vegetables
Environmental Working Group
What is In Season in Illinois

Choose "non-GMO" Foods
Non-GMO Shoppers Guide from True Foods


More Resources
Eat Well Guide

Eat Green Book: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen