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Everyday-sports-nutrition for women goes beyond the training and competition goals. Achieving optimal health and your best sports performance requires everyday effort on your part…all year long. There is “training season” when workout schedules and events drive your eating plans, and there is the “off season” when you have the luxury of planning your eating and workouts. Sometimes it is hard to define when one season stops and the other begins. Regardless, your body needs to be nourished.

“Off season” efforts may help you get a grip on your weight or allow you to “restock” your body’s nutrient levels. Without any efforts in the “off season”, you could easily gain weight or lose the fuel stores you worked so hard to fill. “In season” efforts will keep you from depleting your body to a point of exhaustion.

It is also easy to forget about lifetime fitness when we are so focused on training. Factors like fluid intake, sodium and caffeine can impact us differently throughout the year and throughout life.

Keep these ideas in mind and nourish yourself...everyday!


Calories are the fuel you eat. Your calorie needs change everyday based on your activity level. You may need to greatly alter your calorie intake in the “off season” to avoid weight gain. If extra weight was holding you back from your best efforts, the off season is a perfect time to lose the weight when you have more time to devote to all the behaviors related to weight (food, sleep, social support, time management). Experimenting with different foods and portions in the off season won’t interfere with your performances, either.

Restocking Nutrients in the Off Season


Fluids, Caffeine, Sodium

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