The Right Fuel Choices
for Sports Nutrition

In sports nutrition, fuel = calories = energy to move. It’s the carbohydrate and fat in foods that provide energy to the body. A training diet requires a balance of calories.

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  • Have I been on a low carb diet or cutting back on carbohydrate fuel ?
  • I thought avoiding fat was the best thing while training?
  • Should I concentrate on high protein as part of my plan?
  • Am I eating enough calories ?

  • Have I been relying on vitamins and nutrition supplements for energy?

  • The Right Timing

    Successful sports performance requires attention to eating before an event, during the event, and recovery (replenishing after the event or training session).

    Learn more about eating before, during or after an event.

    Practice Nutrition During Training

    Practice eating and drinking as you train for your event. For example, if you are training for a marathon, you need to eat the foods and drink the beverages on the days leading up to and on the day of long runs as you would on race day. How you carry your drinks or snacks is important in a sprint triathlon, an endurance walk or run.

    Check out these ideas for Practicing Sports Nutrition during training.