Go Red for Women

Everyday Sports Nutrition for Women supports the Go Red for Women campaign in February. If you work-out or train for fitness or competition...listen up...

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women.

You may spend time monitoring calories, tracking your heart rate, and figuring out how much fluid to drink to stay hydrated. But, there is another set of numbers you need to know:

  • Know your cholesterol levels, including the LDL and HDL levels.

  • Know your blood pressure.

  • Know your blood sugar level.

  • Know your waist circumference.

  • Know your family history of heart disease.

  • If you have risk factors related to heart disease, do something about them. The great news is that a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk. Take note, pay attention, be ahead of the game!

    If you need some ideas on how to keep your heart healthy, learn more about dietary fat , get more nutrition from whole foods , including plenty of oats, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds , manage your calories , and take some time out for yourself!

    So, wear red to show your support for heart health this month...and take care of yourself EVERYDAY!

    Love your heart and set a heart healthygoal.

    Go Red for Women Website