Marathon Training Nutrition Calories Tip #11

Marathon training nutrition calories are key to maximizing performance. Do you know how many calories you need to eat compared to what you are burning?
Think about this quote:

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.”
Sun Tzu (Chinese General, b.500 BC)

There are two tests you can complete that calculate your need for marathon training nutrition calories for your “temple”.

  • Basal Metabolism
    This tests your calorie needs at rest. You should fast before this test and take the test first thing in the morning. You can estimate your resting calorie needs with a formula, but it is not as accurate (and not as fun) as getting your actual calorie needs tested.
  • Activity Calorie Needs
    An oxygen consumption test (VO test) is done on a treadmill or bike. You wear a mask and heartrate monitor and are put through a test in which speed and intensity (incline on the treadmill) is increased. The results calculate the calories you burn at the various levels of intensity and the ideal heartrate range at which to train. The test takes about ten minutes, but allow more time for set-up and results. You can estimate your exercise calorie needs with a formula, but the treadmill test is a great experience, and of course more specific to your body.

    Remember that the metabolic rate calories are added to the activity calories for your grand total calorie needs for the day.

    Compare your results to this to this formula , keeping in mind that this includes basal needs, exercise calories and other calories used in the day for normal activity.

    I’ve had both tests done recently. They were easy to complete and an excellent way to plan my marathon training nutrition calories.

    Contact me to schedule the basal metabolic rate and oxygen consumption tests if you live in the South Suburban Chicago area. (You can get the “everyday sports nutrition for women” discount on the testing fees). If you live elsewhere, contact a local university or fitness center to see if this testing is available.

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