Marathon Training Nutrition
Grocery List: Tip #13

A marathon training nutrition grocery list provides the foundation foods that will help you get the carbohydrates, protein, sodium and other nutrients your running body needs.

A Chinese Proverb states “No possible rearrangement of bad eggs can ever make a good omelet.”

As for food, no possible arrangement of junk foods can ever make a good diet. So, here is a list of 26 foods to get you started (I’ll leave the .2 up to you). Obviously this is not a comprehensive grocery list, but includes helpful staples. They are categorized by nutrient and are in alphabetical order so you won’t think one food is superior to another.

26.2 Foods for Your Marathon Training Nutrition Grocery List

  • Carbohydrate Rich Foods
    Bagels (choose a variety of grains and sizes to meet your carb needs)
    Bread (whole grain for toast or sandwiches)
    Cereal (quick meal; portable snack in a baggie; combine with milk for a recovery snack; hot cereal packets are great for portion control and for the extra sodium they contain)
    Fresh Fruit (choose many colors for a variety of Phytonutrients)
    Dried Fruit (great to throw onto salad or into hot cereal; portable snack)
    English Muffins (easy breakfast,snack; an alternative to bread for a sandwich)
    Nutrition Bars
    Pasta (always have some cooked for a quick meal or snack; make ahead and keep in freezer bags)
    Popcorn (regular make with oil if you need the calories; microwave is often salty if you need more sodium)
    Salad (the darker color the better; bagged is convenient)
    Tortillas (great for quick wrap or with melted cheese)
    Veggies (choose what you like and will eat daily; mix it up)

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  • Protein Rich Foods
    Beef (the leaner the better, such a ground sirloin; great source of iron)
    Canned Tuna (keep it in the fridge so it’s ready for your meal; nice sodium source)
    Cheese (sticks and a block to slice for snacks, salads and meals; low fat is the best choice)
    Chicken (skinless, boneless is the fastest to prep and cook; cook ahead and freeze)
    Eggs (the whites contain the protein)
    Milk (nonfat or at least lowfat; great with cereal or for smoothies)

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  • Salty Foods for Sodium Replacement
    Chips (whole grain or baked) or Pretzels (great with peanut butter)
    Crackers (great carb source that is a nice “carrier” for your protein)
    Frozen Dinners (quick, convenient; choose healthier choices like Kashi or Lean Cuisine)
    Soup (a great way to get your protein, carb and sodium)
  • Condiments
    Fruit Spread (extra carbs and flavor for bagels, crackers, toast)
    Italian Dressing (quick salty ingredient for pasta salad)

  • Of course your marathon training nutrition grocery list should include Gatorade Endurance, bottled water and other foods that would round out your meals and satisfy your calorie and nutrition needs.

    What would you add to this marathon training nutrition grocery list? Send me your ideas.

    Tip of the day: You must buy nutrition to eat nutrition. Print out this marathon training nutrition grocery list to get you started on making a “better omelet”.

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