Marathon Training Nutrition Plan (Full or Half Marathon)

The Marathon Training Nutrition Plan provides the framework for eating to fuel your body as you train for a full or half marathon. Learn to fuel your body during marathon training rather than waiting until race weekend.

Your personalized MTNP includes:

Sports Nutrition Goals:
Your calorie, carbohydrate, protein, fat, fluids and electrolyte needs for the various levels of marathon training. You will be asked to provide your training schedule so the most accurate nutrition plan can be developed.

Everyday Extras: Nutrition suggestions related to your health history, and vitamin/mineral needs of marathoners. Dietary supplementation can be addressed upon your request.

Weight Management Recommendations: Weight loss during marathon training is usually NOT recommended due to the high nutrition needs of endurance training. You may email me to discuss exceptions related to weight management nutrition coaching during marathon training.

Marathon Training Food Guide: A personalized food guide, including daily food group servings and a suggested eating schedule to match your training program. Menus are NOT included in the Marathon Training Nutrition Plan.

Online Journaling Access: Your plan includes a one month subscription to for everyday monitoring of your food and fitness progress. You can try the journaling with a free demo, but this does NOT include nutrition coaching. To get nutrition coaching and a full subscription to the journaling, you must purchase a Plan. To try the journaling you can link to .

Bonus: 30 days of nutrition coaching via e-mail at no additional charge.

Marathon Training Nutrition Plan: $120, non-refundable. Once you receive your Marathon Training Nutrition Plan, you cannot receive a refund. The fee is the cost of both the assessment and preparation of your Plan by your nutrition coach, along with the Coach's upfront cost of the journaling program. Minor adjustments to the Plan can be during your 30 days of free nutrition coaching. Your 30 days of nutrition coaching will begin once payment is received and verified by After 30 days you will have the option to purchase a Keep the Momentum Plan for monthly maintenance and adjustments to your plan.

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