Nutrition Coaching FAQ

1. How do I get my Plan?
Upon payment verification you will be sent an email including a food, fitness and health questionnaire and your username/password for your account. Within one week of the receiving the completed questionnaire (allowing time for the nutrition coach to evaluate your food/fitness patterns via journaling for a few days), the nutrition coach will send you an email that includes your personalized Plan. No refunds will be made once the Plan is emailed to the you. Adjustments to the plan can be made during the free 30 days of nutrition coaching that is included with the Plan.

2. Do I have to journal?
You are strongly encouraged to journal daily using Evaluating journal entries is the primary means by which the nutrition coach can provide feedback on your everyday food and fitness. Feedback on your journaling will be provided by your coach at a minimum of once per week. Journaling takes time, especially at the beginning, but it is time well spent. Those who journal are more likely to stay motivated, learn from their mistakes, and stick with changes for the long term. Your Plan is not a quick fix, but a guide for changing your habits. You can get a free trial of the fitness journal, but this does NOT include nutrition coaching.

Fitness Journal Demo (nutrition coaching is NOT included).

3. What if I choose NOT to journal?
Journaling is your choice, however feedback from the nutrition coach will be limited as there is no data to track. There is no change in monthly fees if you choose NOT to journal.

4. Can I email my nutrition coach? You will have full access to the nutrition coach’s email to ask questions, beginning the first day that payment is verified and ending when the account expires. Emails are generally returned in 24 to 48 hours, unless prior notification of vacations, holidays or emergencies. Your nutrition coach will email you a minimum of once weekly to discuss how you are progressing with your Plan, to provide strategies and tips, or to offer support in your quest to change your food and fitness habits.

5. What if I want more nutrition coaching after the first month?
At the end of 30 days, the nutrition coach will email a month-end progress report to you. You will have the option to purchase additional nutrition coaching at that time.

6. What if I am ready to work on my own?
An exciting part of your success is when you feel you have accomplished your goals and feel strong enough to go it alone. You can purchase a journaling extension through this website, but NO nutrition coaching will be provided. You can only purchase an extension through this website if you have already purchased and completed a full plan. At any time you feel the need to resume nutrition coaching you will be able to do this easily by purchasing a maintenance plan.

7. What if my Plan doesn't work for me?
Your nutrition coach will use the data you provide and current standards of sports nutrition practice to assess, design and adjust your Plan during your first month. A plan by itself, however, is not a guarantee of increased performance or improved health. Your Plan is a guide and your nutrition coach is there to support you as you choose to make the suggested habit changes. Habit changes take time, so one must be realistic about how fast a change can be made. Since it is your choice to implement the Plan to the fullest extent, your nutrition coach cannot be responsible for your lack of progress or the inability to meet goals.

8. What if I want a refund? Everyday Sports Nutrition Plans and Marathon Training Nutrition Plans are non-refundable after you have received the Plan. There are no refunds for the Keep the Momentum Plan. You can contact Jan to be sure the nutrition coaching service is right for you before you purchase a plan. If you don't have the time to communicate with your nutrition coach, then a nutrition coaching program may not be right for you.

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