This questionnaire is part of a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle assessment by a Registered Dietitian (your Nutrition Coach). This assessment is not for the purpose of diagnosing any medical condition and is not a substitute for regular communication with your physician. The information gathered in this assessment will be used to design your personalized nutrition plan. I maintain high standards of confidentiality and your information will only be used to prepare your plan. If you have read and agree with the preceding statements, begin the questionnaire. If you have questions regarding the preceding statements, click here to send a note to Jan Dowell, Nutrition Coach.

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I did not lose weight
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Weight Loss Medication
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Gastric Bypass Surgery
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I live to eat.
I eat to live.
In the past I have journaled (kept a record) my food intake or workouts on a consistent basis.
I am a good sleeper.
Stress has negative impact on my food or fitness habits.
I usually only eat when hungry and stop when I am getting full.
I smoke.
List any prescription medications you take on a regular basis.*
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Alcohol or Drug Addiction
Crohn’s Disease
Food Allergies
Gluten Intolerance
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
High Triglycerides
Iron-deficiency Anemia
Irregular Menstrual Cycles
Irritable Bowel
Lactose Intolerance
Physical Disability
Polycystic Ovary (Ovarian) Syndrome (PCOS)
Pregnancy (current or within last year)
Stress Fractures/Broken Bones
Type I Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
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Type any additional information that you think your nutrition coach would like to know about your food, fitness, or lifestyle. If you have a concern that you want to be considered in your Plan, this is a great time to fill in the gaps of the questionnaire!

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