Restocking Nutrients and Phytochemicals
in Your Sports Nutrition Plan

Restocking missing nutrients and phytochemicals should be a part of your of season sports nutrition plan.

Restocking Nutrients

The “off season” is a perfect time to reintroduce yourself to the foods you avoided during training. If fiber gave you trouble, now is the time to focus on whole foods, including whole grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. You can train your body to tolerate fiber by eating fiber. Gradually increase your intake of these the fiber-rich foods over the next few weeks. Put those processed grains and canned fruits or veggies away for now.

Calcium is another common nutrient avoided during training, for reasons such a “cotton mouth” or because it makes you gassy. If you avoid milk products during training, you should use calcium-fortified foods or a supplement during training. Now that you can drink milk and eat yogurt, enjoy them and the many nutrients they provide beyond calcium.


Exercise has so many benefits, but the constant wear and tear on your body is incredible. Your sports nutrition plan can be pumped up with many foods that contain “phytonutrients” (plant nutrients beyond vitamins and minerals). These natural plant nutrients are getting some positive support for their role in replenishing and maintaining health. An easy way to plan for phytonutrients is to eat as many different colors of plant-based foods everyday (green, yellow, orange, red, purple/blue, brown and white).

Note: Fruit Loops don’t count for colorful phytonutrients!

Apples, black tea, cranberries, onions, and red grapes contain quercetin

Grains, especially oats and barley, and mushrooms contain beta glucans (immune booster)

Green tea contains polyphenols catechins (thermogenesis)

Hot red peppers contain capsaicin (anti-inflammatory)

Onions, garlic, shallots, chives, and scallions contain organosulfur compounds (immune boosters)

Turmeric contains curcumin (anti-inflammatory)

Are you ready to set a goal for restocking nutrients and phytochemicals?