Jan's Nutrition Presentation Topics for Adults & Women

Below are nutrition presentation topics Jan has given for adult and women's groups. If you have any other ideas, don't hesitate to contact Jan!

Healthy Hydration (1 hour)
Topics will cover tea, coffee, caffeine, juice, milk, and sports drinks. Adequate intake for healthy adults is addressed as well as the guidelines for optimal fluid choices.

Going Green with Good Nutrition (1 hour)
Buying local, eating healthy, and promoting sustainability.

Grocery Shopping 101 (1 hour)
Learn how to navigate the aisles and practice label reading with this grocery store tour.

Superfoods: Nutrition at Its Best (1 hour)
Teaches participants how to incorporate superfoods into super meals.

Superfoods Cooking Demo (1 hour)
Learn by observing Jan cook for your group!

A Recipe for Success (1 hour)
Give your recipes a healthy makeover. In this hour you will learn how to reduce unhealthy ingredients, replace with healthy alternatives, revitalize with nutrition, and rethink portions.

The Food and Cancer Connection: What Really Matters? (1 hour)
Learn about Practical Tips to put the American Institute for Cancer Research recommendations into practice.

Controlling the Magic Number: Cholesterol (1 hour)
Also known as "Grocery Shopping for a Healthy Heart" or "Heart Healthy Foods", this talk will give you heart-healthy tips to bring that cholesterol down!

Diabetes Prevention Strategies
Learn how to avoid diabetes with these nutrition tips!

Waiter... Health Please!
Learn how to eat healthy even when dining out!

Labelmania- Making Sense of Food Labels
Learn how to identify what matters on nutrition labels to make the best food choices for you and your family.

Shopping for a Healthy You!
It's as easy as 1-2-3! Topics addressed include reading food labels, what to look for in the grocery store, and how to obtain the best nutrition for today.

The following are topics on women's health:

Perimenopausal Supplements and Myths
Learn the truth about nutrition and supplements during menopause.

Diet and Age Considerations in Active & Sedentary Lifestyles
Learn about metabolism, weight distribution and metabolic syndrome, inflammation and obesity, and calorie balance.

No Bones Without It
Learn about calcium and osteoporosis and what you can do to prevent this disease.

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