Nutrition Presentations
for Kids & Teens

The following are Nutrition Presentations that work well with a younger age group. These talks help instill a passion for healthy eating and a love for cooking in kids' lives.

Kids Can Cook: K-2nd Grade (1 hour)
Sample and make healthy breakfasts and snacks. Recipes are easy enough to do with minimum adult supervision.

Healthy Snacks: You Can Make It Happen (1.5 hours)
An interactive cooking class to help your teens discover healthy snacks they can make for themselves!

Career Day- Registered Dietitian (30 min)
Help your junior high or high school students discover the endless possibilities of what RDs can do!

Wellness Day- Do Not Eat Fruits and Vegetables (20 min)
If you're intrigued by this title, high school students will be too! Learn the reasons why you should not eat fruits and veggies.

Everyday Food and Fitness (30 min)
High school girls will learn how to combine food and fitness in a fun way!

Everyday Food for a Fabulous You (30 min)
High school girls will be encouraged to eat healthy and increase their self-confidence along the way.

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