CARA's Running Lite Program
Spring 2010

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Running Lite is a the healthy way to reach your weight and running goals!

Program Goal: Running is an excellent activity to burn calories and manage weight. A running training program may be sought by persons desiring to start running for the purpose of weight loss. Running alone, however, may not be enough to promote healthy weight loss in some people. A balance of healthy food choices, including reasonable portion control, control of hunger and calorie awareness, may enhance the beginning running experience and promote healthy weight loss. This program blends calorie expenditure through the training program and calorie intake changes through nutrition coaching.

Program Philosophy: Good health should be a higher priority than a low body weight. The participant will explore lifestyle changes that encourage weight loss while maintaining health and supporting his running program performance. The participant will be encouraged to make healthier food choices (quality and quantity) and increase calories burned to allow for weight loss.

Program Overview: Participants will attend scheduled classes provided by a Registered Dietitian, will be provided with weekly online weight loss strategies for beginning runners, have access to online food and fitness journaling for awareness and feedback, and complete the Beginning Running training program with a CARA group leader.

Disclaimer: The Running Lite Program is not intended to be a substitute for routine medical attention from your healthcare provider, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any current medical conditions. The Running Lite Program is an educational program with the goal of helping you meet your goals of establishing a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating and a safe running program.