Sports Nutrition Question:
Be Thankful for Gu and Gravy?

Here are some everyday sports nutrition things to think about over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

1. Be thankful that your energy source of choice will be gravy instead of Gu this weekend! If you're out shopping, grab some Gu (or other sports nutrition supplements) for stocking stuffers.

2. Be thankful you are active enough to burn all the calories you eat this weekend. Check out the calories you burn in various activities.

3. Be thankful for all the race directors who planned Turkey Trots and Butterball Burnoffs this holiday weekend. Support them by running/walking or cheering on the participants! Maybe you'll think of new ideas for setting sports_nutrition goals.

4. Be thankful for your running/workout buddies. You've burned alot of calories together this year! Maybe you should give one of them a post-pie "thank you" phone call.

5. Be thankful that you can take a day off from your vitamin mineral supplements . You'll be eating enough to cover your nutrient needs this weekend!

6. Be thankful that when you hear "PJs" you think of a Pomegranite Juice Spritzer rather than flannel lounge pants. Make your own spritzer (Pom juice and seltzer water), or try an Izzi (sparkling juice spritzer) from the store for the healthy antioxidants .

7. Be thankful for all the whole foods available to you this season. Enjoy the nutrition (and maybe worry a little less about the calories)!

8. Be thankful that you can shop online through my Amazon Store.

Check out the many holiday gifts that you can buy your fit friends. I'd added some of my favorite health-related books and products for you to choose from. Happy shopping! Just think, all the time you save not waiting in line will leave you enough time for a great workout!

Everyday is a great day to be thankful!