Sports Nutrition Practice During Training

What is sports nutrition practice? It's a nutrition plan you test during training to make sure it is a perfect fit for the event.

  • Does the food/drink sit well in my stomach?

  • Too much fat or fiber can leave an unwanted feeling of fullness. Excess sugars can promote diarrhea. Anticipate your tolerance and avoid having a day-long porta-potty party.

  • Will these foods/drinks be available the day of the event?

  • Obviously eating at home is ideal, but not always an option on event day. Check out the menus at local restaurants, the school cafeteria menus or if you’ll be able to store your food from home. If you require special items, bring them yourself. Don’t assume anyone can read your sports nutrition mind! Also know your route. Will the drinks and snacks be where I need them or should I carry them?

  • Have I had this food/drink before?

  • No matter how promising a new food, nutrition supplement or sports drink appears, avoid event day use of samples given out at pre-event expos, in race packets or by event sponsors. If you haven’t trained with it, don’t try it now. Experiment with these new and exciting items after the event or in the off-season.

  • Did I train as well as I hope to perform?

  • Evaluate your energy level or if you ended up dehydrated. You may need to adjust your fuel (food) choices, change your hydration (drink) plan, or look at your overall nutrition, including whole foods or vitamins and minerals.

    Try, adjust, try, adjust, try again, succeed!

    Are you ready to set sports nutrition practice goals?