Sports Nutrition Resources

A variety of sports nutrition resources are provided for you to gain further information, including Registered Dietitians, Food Analysis and Database Links, Calorie Information, MyPyramid, Dietary Supplement Links, Marathon Training links and more.

Registered Dietitian
A Registered Dietitian has a four-year bachelor’s degree, a supervised practice internship and has passed a national exam to earn the “R.D.” credential. The credential is maintained with required continuing education. Some states also license dietitians to practice. A Sports Nutritionist is often a Registered Dietitian with experience working with nutrition for sport and exercise, but be sure to ask about credentials and experience. Many Registered Dietitians with this expertise are members of the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionist (SCAN) practice group of the American Dietetic Association. To find a Registered Dietitian in your area that would be a valuable sports nutrition resource, search at, the sports nutrition resources of the American Dietetic Association or learn more about the dietitian for this site.

Nutrition Analysis/Food Database Links
Nutrition Analysis Tool Version 2.0 (University of Illinois)
USDA National Nutrient Database
Calorie Information
IOM Calorie Charts (Dietary Reference Intake for Energy)
Estimate Your Calorie Needs with MyPyramid
Calories Burned in Various Activities
Exercise Needed to Burn Food Calories
How to Estimate Your Metabolic Rate
MyPyramid Links (General)
Track Your Intake and Activity with MyPyramid
Estimate Your Calorie Needs with MyPyramid
Food Pyramid Links
MyPyramid and Your Sports Nutrition Plan
The Mediterranean Pyramid and Your Sports Nutrition Plan
The Swiss Food Pyramid for Athletes and Your Sports Nutrition Plan
Dietary Supplement Links
Quackwatch (reviews fraud, including supplements)
Consumer Lab (reviews fraud, including supplements)
Government site (false advertising, including supplements)
More Excellent Resources & Links
Marathon Rookie (great training site for runners)
Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA)
Illininois Runs Training Programs
Gatorade Sports Science Institute (great research) - Sports News and Health
Fuel Like a Champion (Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes)
Free photos available on the
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