Sports Nutrition Supplements

Sports nutrition supplements may be a necessary addition to your everyday plan. With careful planning, these products can help you with energy or recovery, but if used when not needed, they can provide unwanted calories and protein or unwanted side-effects. Read about the pros and cons of these supplements before you try them. And of course, try them in training first!

Carbohydrate supplements include sports drinks, gels, "blocks", "beans" and bars. Compare brands for the best fit for your needs.

Protein supplements include bars, shakes and powders.

Calorie supplements include meal replacements and additions to food.

Ergogenic Aids are designed to enhance sports performance or lifetime fitness.

Vitamins and Minerals are used to fill in the gaps when you are not meeting the food group guidelines with whole foods.

Be aware that not all supplements on the store shelves are safe or effective. There are several good websites that can help you with more specific supplement information: resources on sports nutrition supplements.