Start Marathon Training Nutrition
Tip #8

Ready to start marathon training nutrition?

“If you start soon enough, you won’t have to run to catch up.” (Unknown)

Marathon training season is upon us. In a few weeks the miles will start adding up, so take some time now to get ready. Start marathon training nutrition before the eighteen week training schedule begins.

Here are eighteen nutrition tips to get you ready.

1. Invest in a fuel/hydration belt, like the Terminator 6-Bottle Fuel Beltfor your long runs. I haven’t seen any water fountains dispense sports drinks lately.
2. Review the signs of dehydration. Hydrate even before you start marathon training nutrition. Catching up on hydration is tough.
3. Get a good Body Fat Monitor And Scale so you can check your weight on training days. Knowing pre- and post-run weights is a great way to evaluate if you’re drinking enough to stay hydrated even before you start marathon training nutrition.
4. Stock up on water and Gatorade Endurance Drink Mix - 90 Servings at the start of the season.
5. Clear a shelf in your fridge for cold fruit, fresh veggies, cold beverages and leftover pasta.
6. Of course you have to fill the shelf in the fridge, so go the store, buy what you need and start eating the healthy stuff today. Why try to catch up later? Get ahead of the game.
7. Clear a shelf in your pantry for your stash of carb supplements (gels like PowerBar Power Gel - Box of 24 - Vanilla - No Caffeine, Jelly Belly Sport Beans (Berry Blue 24-Pack), Clif Bar Clif Shot Bloks - Box of 12 - Lemon Lime, salty recovery treats and nutrition bars, like Clif Bar Luna Bar for Women - Box of 15 - Iced Oatmeal Raisin. It’s easier to grab and go then to search and abort the mission.
8. Get a cooler for your car so you can keep your recovery snacks fresh for the drive home.
9. Start marathon training nutrition with a multivitamin mineral supplement . Buy your multivitamins and place them where you will see them and remember to take one daily.
10. Organize your training log, including a space for listing pre-run snacks/meals that worked (and failed). Start marathon training nutrition lists early on so you’ll have a it to work from during training.
11. Get your body fat checked. Knowing your starting body composition can help you judge future changes in weight as muscle or fat change. For the most accurate body fat test make sure you are hydrated when you get tested.
12. Before you start marathon training nutrition, think through your weight goals for the next few months. To assure enough nutrition you may want to focus on weight maintenance, or no more than a half pound loss per week. (Remember to check your weight on training days as a means to evaluate your hydration, too).
13. Determine your calorie needs for fueling during marathon training. If you’re not eating enough calories you won’t be getting enough nutrition. You need nutrition all throughout training.
14. Go over your social schedule and switch as many Friday night food events to Saturday night. This will take the pressure off what you’ll have available to eat the evening prior to your long Saturday morning run. You do need a life, but schedule Friday nights for relaxing.
15. Check your training schedule for any really long group runs you are going to miss, then schedule a friend to bike with you to be your mobile fuel/hydration station. It’s safer and a lot more fun to have the support (mentally and nutritionally). I tried running with a giant load of Gatorade…once.
16. Start marathon training nutrition by eating “breakfast” everyday. It doesn’t have to be complicated or traditional. If you run in the morning and are rushed to get to work think of this time as nutrition recovery. If you run later in the day then a more balanced breakfast may be in order, followed by grazing on healthy foods until you run.
17. Plan for a fabulous and relaxing Breakfast In Bedthe day after a really long run. Enjoy the nutrition knowing it is repairing and replenishing you. You have a day off from training, but what you eat this day is fuel for tomorrow.
18. Start marathon training nutrition by fueling (eating) every four hours during waking hours to keep energy levels balanced. It’s easier to make smart nutrition choices when you feel in balance to begin with. Trying to catch-up on energy often results in impulsive choices that don’t support your running nutrition needs.

Marathon Training Nutrition Tip #8: Go through the eighteen tips listed and mark them off if they are already completed or when they are completed.

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